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Funeral Funding Assistance Can Really Help

It's no secret desired funerals can be costly. If the deceased hasn't made provisions for their funeral cost(s), or presumed it would be covered by a life insurance policy, clients may not have the cash on-hand to pay for funeral expenses. If your client's loved one had a life insurance policy, we can help by providing immediate assistance with funeral costs in exchange for the verified policy. This allows you to help your clients plan a fitting memorial while helping you avoid financial risks.

Non-recourse Assistance with Funeral Costs

Heritage Memorial Funding understands the difficult situation funeral directors often find themselves in. A client is making arrangements for their loved one's memorial service, but doesn't know where the funding will come from. You are then forced to deny them service, settle for lesser services, or finance the costs yourself, - assuming great financial risk. When you assign the life insurance policy to Heritage Memorial Funding, we are able to provide the funds up-front, ensuring you can organize a proper memorial for your clients. In the event the life insurance policy doesn't pay, we absorb the cost for you - leaving you with a clean and debt-free financial record. Our team will assume the tedious and lengthy tasks of verifying the policy proceeds and processing the claim with the insurer so you don't have to.

Compassionate, Professional Funeral Expense Assistance

We know how hard it is for grieving families to have to carry the burden of payment uncertainties when they're trying to cope with the loss of, and plan the funeral services, of a loved one. Our service means there's no need for the family or funeral director to fret about funeral costs or become overwhelmed by dealing with the life insurance company directly. Why not let us take care of everything for you? To find out more about how we can help, call us at (877) 463-8630.