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Straight-Forward Solution to Funeral Funding

When a loved one passes, the last thing a grieving family should worry about is whether there's enough ready cash around to pay for a dignified memorial service. If the deceased had a life insurance policy, we can help. We can handle the policy on behalf of the funeral home by providing immediate funds to cover the costs of the service in exchange for the verified life insurance policy. Instead of dealing with an insurance company while you're trying to console a grieving family, let us take the strain. We will do all the negotiation and paperwork, removing a significant administrative burden from you.

Insurance Funding

Insurance assignment funding can make a huge difference in the way funeral directors run their business. Funeral businesses often face problems when it comes to supporting families through their moments of grief while also making sure that the funding for funeral expenses is met. By using our funeral home funding services, the funeral home receives payment for services, even while the insurance payout is still being processed.

Families Give Loved Ones the Funeral They Deserve with Funeral Assignment Funding

Because we will pay the funeral home quickly, there's no need for a family to skimp, save or borrow when it comes to planning a tasteful, dignified ceremony for their loved one. Our services allow families to provide a fitting end-of-life ceremony that's suited to their individual needs and wishes. Rather than worrying about cash, our services allow families to concentrate on the things that really matter during this challenging time.

Professional, Supportive Funeral Funding Provider

We understand how expensive a dignified service can be for a grieving family. We also understand how vital it is for funeral homes to receive immediate payment for their services. That's why we offer an honest, transparent insurance funding service that enables funeral homes to help families organize a suitable funeral -- all while keeping a clean financial statement without risk of financial loss. To find out more about how we can help, call us at (877) 463-8630.