The Heritage Difference

The Heritage Difference: Our company personalizes your service down to the smallest detail, and we’re flexible enough to offer you options that others cannot, even in the most difficult scenarios.

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Unwavering Support

Unwavering Support for Funeral Homes and Cemeteries: Heritage allows you to concentrate on what you do best – Caring for your families, while Heritage cares for your firm’s interests.

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Priceless Solutions for Families

Priceless Solutions for Families: Families are able to plan the dignified memorial services they wish for without worrying about the costs.

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Non-Recourse Funeral Funding to Firms in Times of Need

Funeral homes should never have to add more risk by waiting on insurance proceeds or negotiating with insurance companies to collect on a memorial service they have already completed. Likewise, the last thing any grieving family needs, is the additional burden of determining how/who to pay for the desired services for their loved one.

Speedy Insurance Funding Has Many Benefits

Our service frees families from the difficulties associated with providing an up-front payment for funeral costs, as well as ensures that funeral homes can offer families the desired services they wish – confident that their costs will be met within 24 hours of Heritage verifying the policy benefits, vs. families having to settle for the services they can afford out-of-pocket.

Heritage Memorial Funding also provides direct ‘Family Funding’ to families during their time of need. Families are eligible for this service in the event their loved one’s life insurance proceeds exceed the cost of the funeral service. Families have the luxury of immediately receiving these excess funds to cover outside expenses such as paying off deceased’s debt(s), travel cost for family, or whatever the wish– avoiding the long wait for a payout from the insurance company.

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I absolutely love using Heritage Memorial Funding to serve my families using insurance to cover the cost of service for their love ones. It’s fast and hassle-free, which allows me to spend more time with my families and helping them through their grieving process.

Ashleigh, Minnesota Funeral Home

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