For Families

Financial Freedom From Financial Burden

Your family should not have to go into debt to give your loved one a respectful final service. Nor should you have to wait weeks or months to be able to afford a proper tribute. Depend on Heritage Memorial Funding to handle your policy and provide you with money at the time of need, without the worrisome wait.

Let’s face it. The average American household does not have $5-25,000 (the cost range for a fitting final tribute) in available funds. Your family should not have to go into debt to give your loved one a respectful final service. Nor should you have to wait settle for lesser services than you or your loved one would wish for because of the out-of-pocket expense. Let Heritage Memorial Funding provide your family with ‘Financial Comfort’ thru our life insurance assignment funding, and we’ll take the burdensome weight of the financial responsibility off your shoulders!

Likewise, you shouldn’t have to wait months to receive the balance of life insurance proceeds needed now to cover final expenses of your loved one, paying off any of their debt(s), travel and lodging accommodations for family and friends, whatever… Heritage Memorial Funding designed ‘Family Funding’ to assist during these times. Your funeral home has chosen Heritage Memorial Funding as a benefit to you, and as an added benefit we will advance (fund) any remaining proceeds of an assigned life insurance policy, over the funeral costs, directly to you! All you have to do is consult with your funeral home to add the additional ‘Family Funding’ to the statement or we can advance the funds directly to you through a separate assignment.

With Heritage your family:

  • Receives ‘Financial Comfort’ and doesn’t have to be concerned with the financial aspect of final services.
  • Is able to grieve together rather than dealing with the uncomfortable tasks of trying to come together on who is going to pay for their loved one’s final tribute.
  • Can afford the services your loved one deserves
  • Can potentially receive ‘Family Funding’ beyond the cost of the funeral
  • Won’t have to worry about dealing with insurance companies for months disputing benefit proceeds, which too often end up requiring the expensive costs of attorneys to settle.

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Professional, friendly and effective! It has been a pleasure to work with Heritage. I can highly recommend their services.

Tim, Mississippi Funeral Home