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Funeral homes care for families in their hour of need. Heritage Memorial Funding cares for funeral homes. Our services come at ZERO cost to the funeral home or out-of-pocket cost for the Family. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Heritage Difference.

WE CARE, BECAUSE YOU CARE: Funeral homes care for families in their hour of need, while Heritage Memorial Funding cares for funeral homes and their needs. With 20+ years of offering financial solutions to businesses, we understand the challenges you face.

Assignment funding offers many benefits in addition to cash flow. At Heritage Memorial Funding, we have found many of our largest clients utilize our service rather; to alleviate the time consuming and tedious tasks of dealing with insurance companies. 

Insurance companies also operate as businesses, and you have to understand it’s their job to be extremely critical of coverage benefits and disbursement; therefore, leaving many policies’ expected benefit reduced to only a return of premiums, or no benefit at all! Studies have discovered the verification process performed by most homes is insufficient and does not uncover many reasons for reduced or non-payment by the insurance company. All too often homes find themselves absorbing these funeral costs; however, through the service offered by Heritage Memorial Funding, you’ll never have to carry bad debt on your books again. Again, why take risk yourself for a service that is no cost to you?

Depend on Heritage Memorial Funding for TRUE non-recourse funding. Non-recourse means that if the insurance company does not pay Heritage, the funeral home is not responsible and does not have to repay the funding. Heritage Memorial Funding has designed a verification process insuring the security of payout, enabling our TRUE* non-recourse funding.

*Most companies who claim to offer non-recourse funding contain numerous small-print loopholes leaving the home under constant liability of having to refund the funding received for a service already performed.

With Heritage, funeral directors:

  • Will NEVER get an automated phone system or calls screened through annoying voice mails. (During working hours, but we’re available 24/7 should you need us!)
  • Rely on a personal representative at Heritage Memorial Funding, instead of dealing with hundreds of different insurance companies.
  • Provide ‘Peace of Mind’ by alleviating hassle and risks.
  • Don’t incur exuberant overhead and expense of dealing with insurance companies.
  • Can concentrate on what they do best—caring for grieving families and providing dignified final services. Heritage Memorial Funding handles the paperwork and the tedious filling processes.
  • Never wait for payment and never worry about non-payment with TRUE non-recourse funding.
  • Can offer the best of their services to grieving families, who now have the ability to afford the services they wish for, rather than only what they can afford out-of-pocket; thereby, generating higher profits.
  • Can many times receive discounts on products and supplies by having the advanced capital enabling early or pre-payment to vendors; thereby generating higher profits.

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We choose Heritage because of the people.  They’re friendly, professional, and efficient.  There’s no one better!

Tom, Delaware Funeral Home