Meet the Team: Melissa Estes


Here at Heritage Memorial Funding, we appreciate the hard work and talents of our team members. We want to celebrate our team with you by giving them a special Team Spotlight!

Melissa Estes is a customer service representative at Heritage, and we asked her a few questions to introduce herself!

How long have you been with HMF?
– “I have been with Heritage Memorial Funding a little over 6 years.”

What is your job title at HMF?
– “I am a customer service representative on our operations team.”

What’s a fun fact about yourself or can you tell us about a recent accomplishment?
– ” I started Heritage Memorial Funding working as part of the sales team and transitioned to our operations team after a little less than a year. I am a mother of 4 (3 girls and 1 son) and have 11 wonderful grandchildren (7 girls and 4 boys). Family is everything to me! I was born in Mississippi but grew up in Northern Idaho as a Southern Baptist Missionary’s daughter. The experiences I have had helped shape me into the person I am today. I love outdoor concerts, but have found as I get older, I tend to attend less and less of them. I love to travel and have been to almost all 50 states.”

What do you enjoy about being at HMF?
– “I love working for Heritage Memorial Funding because of the work environment. Everyone is on the same level playing field. Heritage Memorial Funding is one big FAMILY! We are all invested in one another and not just professionally, but on a personal level too.”

What does teamwork mean to you?
– ” Teamwork means sacrifice. It’s going out of your way to make sure the team succeeds. Like any good relationship, there has to be trust and accountability within your team. You need to be able to trust your teammates will do their jobs properly, thus freeing up your mind to focus on your part of the equation. Teamwork is really at its best when every member can focus on their particular function within the team and with full confidence that their teammates will deliver on theirs.”

Why should clients work with HMF?
– “There is no other funding company out there that is going to invest in them like Heritage Memorial Funding will. We have clients that use us for cash flow and others that use us for all their insurance assignments. We tell all our prospective clients that we don’t require contracts that they can use us anytime they need to, but we hope to be able to earn ALL their business. We not only strive to earn your business, but we work hard to keep it. We want clients to WANT to be with Heritage Memorial Funding.”