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We care because you care

Heritage Memorial Funding is a family-owned business with years of financial services experience. We serve clients with honesty, integrity, transparency and superior customer service.

Our service is simple: we offer immediate payment to a funeral home and the deceased’s beneficiaries in exchange for a verified life insurance policy. Instead of waiting months, families and funeral homes have the money from a policy in-hand within one or two days, freeing them to pay for the services and other expenses.

Heritage handles all the paperwork and negotiations with the insurance company and processes the policy to recoup costs. For policies that exceed the cost of the funeral, families can receive ‘Family Funding’, to pay for whatever their needs may be beyond the funeral itself.

No cost to funeral homes and no out-of-pocket expense to families

Most clients include our fair and minimal service fee as a line-item on their clients’ ‘Statement of Goods and Services,’ and our fee is withheld from the policy proceeds; thereby making our service – No cost to funeral homes and no out-of-pocket expense to families.


We have been with Heritage Memorial Funding for several years and I am very happy to say that we have not encountered a single snag anywhere along the way. Every representative I have worked with on every re-assignment has been courteous, friendly and above all, professional. They work hard to get your family’s insurance verified, claim forms to you and your claim funded in a quick and efficient manner. No matter whether you are filing individual or group coverage, Heritage is without a doubt, the best place to put your trust and know that you will be funded as quickly as possible. I have not dealt with a single family who pushed back from the fee charged by Heritage. Most are happy to pay the fee to save them from having to front the cash and wait to be reimbursed from their insurance company. Other re-assignment companies have contacted me about handling our claims, but I am so pleased with the relationship I have with Heritage, I don’t even waste the time listening to the other offers. I gladly stand behind Heritage because they have my interest at heart.

Rick, Texas Funeral Home

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