Meet the Team: Jessica Valdes


Here at Heritage Memorial Funding, we appreciate the hard work and talents of our team members. We want to celebrate our team with you by giving them a special Team Spotlight!

Jessica is an account representative at Heritage, and we asked her a few questions to introduce herself!

How long have you been with HMF?
– “I have been with HMF for almost two years.”

What’s a fun fact about yourself or can you tell us about a recent accomplishment?
– “I am an active mother of three- two girls and a boy. I enjoy cooking, baking and spending all the time I can making memories with my little ones. “

What do you enjoy about being at HMF?
– “I really enjoy getting to know our clients and what they do outside of business time. I also enjoy being able to help the families of our clients during their time of grieving.”

What does teamwork mean to you?
– “Teamwork to me is lived in every aspect of life. I use teamwork in my personal and professional life. As a single parent of 3, we work together as a whole to make our daily functions run as smoothly as possible. In my professional life I try to work with everyone. I know what their function is, as well as my own. If there is a missing piece this can cause a break and cause dysfunction. That’s why I feel that it is important to work as a team in completing all tasks at hand and assist wherever possible to keep the team functioning. “

Why should clients work with HMF?
– “Clients should work with HMF because we value our friendships with our clients as much as we value their business. We take pride in our work and our daily communications with our clients to get the job done. ”