Meet the Team: Ashley Beachum


Here at Heritage Memorial Funding, we appreciate the hard work and talents of our team members. We want to celebrate our team with you by giving them a special Team Spotlight!

Ashley is a customer service representative at Heritage, and we asked her a few questions to introduce herself!

How long have you been with HMF?
– “I have been with the company for going on five years.”

What is your job title at HMF?
– “I am a part of the accounting and customer service team here at Heritage.”

What’s a fun fact about yourself or can you tell us about a recent accomplishment?
– “When I started at Heritage I was in our accounting department. Now I am able to work in each of our departments to help our team whenever needed. I’ve gotten to travel to conventions and meet clients face to face, which has been an awesome experience to be able to put a face to the names of people we speak to regularly. I am married to my husband, Alex, for going on two years now. We have a son, Mason, who is ten years old and we’re expecting our second child, Eli, in February. Family means the world to me. If I am not at work, you can bet that I am supporting Mason in one of the different sports he plays or just spending time with them. “

What do you enjoy about being at HMF?
– “I really love being able to build relationships with our clients while helping them with their cash flow and insurance assignments. Being able to help the families in their time of needs is very rewarding as well. In these days and times, money is tight for a lot of people. Being able to relieve the families of the financial burden of funeral expenses means a lot to them and a lot to us to be able to help.”

What does teamwork mean to you?
– “Teamwork is everything to me. Where there is no teamwork, there is no team. You have to be very aware of your team’s goals that need to be met and work alongside each other to get that done. When one person doesn’t play their part or jump in where help is needed to get things taken care of it makes it near impossible for everyone to meet that goal. I think our business really relies on teamwork though. We’re all here working toward the common goal of keeping our clients happy and getting them funded. We have to work together daily to make sure that happens and everything runs as smooth as possible. “

Why should clients work with HMF?
– “We truly care for our clients here at Heritage. We strive to give the best customer service and we make sure to update them daily to where they never have to wonder about where their funds are. We call the insurance companies daily, even multiple times a day, as well to be sure that we are giving the most accurate updates possible. We free up so much more time for clients so they are able to take care of more pressing issues and business while we deal with the insurance companies for them. Also waiting for the money from the insurance company can take weeks to months to receive, when we can fund the same day the verification is received. ”