Meet the Team: Jordyn Davis


Here at Heritage Memorial Funding, we appreciate the hard work and talents of our team members. We want to celebrate our team with you by giving them a special team spotlight. 

Jordyn Davis is a customer service representative at Heritage, and we asked her a few questions to introduce herself!

How long have you been with HMF?
– “I have been with Heritage Memorial Funding 3 years 6 months.”

What is your job title at HMF?
– “I am a customer service representative and work in operations.”

What’s a fun fact about yourself or can you tell us about a recent accomplishment?
– “I am a mom of 1 wonderful little boy that not only looks like his mommy but acts like me too.. my little twin. I also enjoy riding motorcycles. I have really been thinking about going to the Harley Davidson school in Southaven to learn to drive one myself!
Another fun fact about myself is that I have been collecting Elvis Presley items since I was 8 years old. My grandmother had a collection going when we moved into her house so I started adding to the collection. I have records, newspapers articles, cards, chocolates still in the wrapper, popcorn, Pepsi bottles etc!”

What do you enjoy about being at HMF?
– “I enjoy being with Heritage Memorial not only because we are able to help funeral homes but we are also able to help families during a very hard time in their lives. I enjoy getting to build relationships with the clients and know more about them. I have also learned so many different things about funeral home and services that I never knew before, so its great to be able to build onto that knowledge and learn new things.”

What does teamwork mean to you?
– “To me, teamwork is coming together as a whole to get things done! I really believe that in a team you use the words us, we, them etc- no I’s and Me’s. To constantly hear ‘I will’ or ‘I did’ really gets under my skin. In order to be a team and work as a team, you have to know that you as an individual aren’t the only one doing the work. We thrive by working together to get the job done. We work together to make sure clients are taken care of in a timely manner so that they get the service they deserve.”

Why should clients work with HMF?
– “I really feel like clients should work with Heritage because of all the advantages we offer. We communicate with clients daily and not by text message or e-mail. It is always a phone call. We work hard to deal with insurance companies to get what is needed for claims to be processed and paid- relieving that pressure from funeral homes and the families that they serve.”