“We wanted a firm that can work with any amount without cherry picking high dollar contracts.  A firm that acts quickly on our behalf and is available when we need them.  After several years of working with Heritage – we’ve found their service to be the perfect fit for both our clients and our company.  I look forward to continuing our productive relationship.”

Dan, Georgia Funeral Home

“The staff at Heritage is the most helpful when it come to getting insurance claim done. You can count on them to work as fast as they can to get you the results on a claim so you can keep serving your family more efficiently. In my book Heritage is the Best at what they do! “

Anthony, North Carolina Funeral Home

“Dealing with the people at Heritage is like working with family and friends.  It is such an easy process.”

Jay, North Carolina Funeral Home

I cannot say enough about Heritage Memorial Funding. Their employees are very personable and are a great asset to their company. Any time I speak with them, I feel like I’m part of their family. They take all of the leg work off of me when it comes to calling insurance companies, and I receive my money quickly instead of waiting weeks or months. The paperwork is simple and easy to understand. They keep me up to date on the status of the claim from beginning to end. I’ve had a business relationship with them for two years, and knowing how much they have helped my funeral home, I wish I had started using their services long before that. They truly are a class act.

Pamela, Florida Funeral Home

The staff at Heritage Memorial Funding has always been courteous and professional in working with me to process my claims. I know that our funeral home will receive payment within 2-3 days. If there are issues with the policy, the staff keeps me informed of the progress every step of the way. I would recommend your company to any funeral home in need of assignment funding.

Sabrina, Alabama Funeral Home

Professional, friendly and effective! It has been a pleasure to work with Heritage. I can highly recommend their services.

Tim, Mississippi Funeral Home

We choose Heritage because of the people.  They’re friendly, professional, and efficient.  There’s no one better!

Tom, Delaware Funeral Home

Heritage supports our organization and the well being of our industry.  They give us piece of mind when dealing with our insurance assignments.

Ross, Delaware Funeral Home

We have been with Heritage Memorial Funding for several years and I am very happy to say that we have not encountered a single snag anywhere along the way. Every representative I have worked with on every re-assignment has been courteous, friendly and above all, professional. They work hard to get your family’s insurance verified, claim forms to you and your claim funded in a quick and efficient manner. No matter whether you are filing individual or group coverage, Heritage is without a doubt, the best place to put your trust and know that you will be funded as quickly as possible. I have not dealt with a single family who pushed back from the fee charged by Heritage. Most are happy to pay the fee to save them from having to front the cash and wait to be reimbursed from their insurance company. Other re-assignment companies have contacted me about handling our claims, but I am so pleased with the relationship I have with Heritage, I don’t even waste the time listening to the other offers. I gladly stand behind Heritage because they have my interest at heart.

Rick, Texas Funeral Home

I absolutely love using Heritage Memorial Funding to serve my families using insurance to cover the cost of service for their love ones. It’s fast and hassle-free, which allows me to spend more time with my families and helping them through their grieving process.

Ashleigh, Minnesota Funeral Home

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