Have you ever encountered an unusual claim?


Here at Heritage, we are here to help you navigate through difficult and unusual situations to make sure you can perform your job to the best of your ability – offering families the best.

  • Call Us: When you find yourself dealing with unusual, troublesome, or difficult claims your best course of action is calling the Heritage Team. We are here for your benefit and resource, and you can call us anytime you need guidance.

  • Contestable Policies: These policies are no one’s cup of tea. We recommend making arrangements for another payment type so that this may be used as a back up. In the event it pays, it could be months before a decision is made by the insurance company, but Heritage will be happy to file a contestable policy for you.

  • No Beneficiary: What should you do if there is no beneficiary or the beneficiary is already deceased? First, be aware that your state’s estate laws may dictate how to proceed. Then have all living next of kin sign the assignments. It’s easier to get signatures upfront than having to get them later.

  • Divorce: Previous divorces may impact eligible beneficiaries. Divorce revocation laws may apply in your state and dictate who may be eligible.

  • Employer Policies: Find out if the deceased was active or retired from the organization or company. The gather the employer or group contact information.

  • Pending Death Certificate: Provide the medical examiner’s information (or whoever is responsible for signing DC), and gather all contact information of important person(s) in any investigation (police, sheriff, etc.).

We know these situations can be a real headache. Make sure to call our knowledgeable team anytime you are unsure or have questions about how to proceed, so we can help you and your families experience the best!

Please contact your Heritage Memorial Funding expert for more information:

(866) 463-8630.